Top Tips for Being Successful with a Restaurant Webshop

Top Tips for Being Successful with a Restaurant Webshop


If you are a restaurant owner, then you know that it can be hard to keep your business running during lockdown times. One way to make sure that your doors stay open is by getting your restaurant a  webshop with Fleksa.

With our Commission-free Ordering option, we offer an additional revenue stream for all restaurants and the best practical support on this topic. The Fleksa offers an all-inclusive solution for the webshop of a food establishment. Unlike many other apps, our solution offers customers a way to not only place orders but a brand new modern website so customers can make reservations, do takeaway and get the food delivered. What's more? It saves you time as there's no need to manually input any of the customer's information.

It is a well-known fact that having an online webshop can give your restaurant a new lease on life and open up opportunities for earnings through delivery, take-away or reservation services with Fleksa's Commission-free Ordering option. But what we often forget about is how it helps us stay connected to our customers, and how it enhances the customer's experience.

Here are some of my top tips for being successful with a restaurant webshop:

  • Make sure you have an accurate web design that reflects your brand. Websites can be made by anyone these days so make sure you're getting one from someone who understands your restaurants language and what you're trying to say with it.
  • Keep in mind that mobile responsiveness is not a trend, but an eternal truth. A website for restaurants should have this built into its DNA from the start so that it can be easily viewed on any device - phone, tablet or desktop computer.
  • Use rich media wisely and sparingly. The best restaurant websites are the ones that provide a very clean, honest view of what they offer without too much distraction from flashy animations or effects.
  • Include menu items on your website so people know exactly what you have to offer when they come in for lunch or dinner. A great way to do this is by using our new slider on the homepage.
  • Offer a restaurant website that's easy to use and navigate, with clear menus for each dish type so customers can find what they're looking for quickly and easily.
  • Make sure your website is up to date! If you make menu changes, update it as soon as possible, or else people might come in expecting a dish that's no longer on the menu.
  • Use your website to promote local events like wine tastings, cooking classes or chef dinners, and make sure you mention them on social media so people are aware of what's happening near their location.
  • Create a loyalty program for returning customers using our Points system in order to retain business and keep them coming back for more.
  • Remember that your website is a 24/hr salesperson - it needs to be constantly updated with what's happening in the restaurant, and post events like wine tastings or chef dinners. Always have something new so people are intrigued by their visit when they come to see you again!

Have you considered how your restaurant could benefit from an online webshop? Our team of experts is here to help. We can provide a commission-free ordering option for both takeout and delivery that will save you the hassle of collecting money at a point in time while providing customers with a seamless experience as they order food from your establishment. What are some ways we've helped our clients thrive? Contact us today to learn more about what Fleksa can do for you!